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Our Canadian Adventure - The Blog (page 4)

Vancouver (part 3)

Another adventure but this time....... (30th June)

Today started off hot and just got hotter and hotter.  

We drove to Horseshoe Bay which has a large car ferry terminal to Vancouver Island and other islands.  Having by-passed the queue for the ferry, we found ourselves in a pretty little harbour village with views and a coffee shop and somewhere to get something for lunch.  We then took our sandwiches to Whitecliffe Park where the rest of the world was picknicking.  An idyllic place but perhaps not on Canada Weekend when the world and his wife are out and it is probably the hottest day of the year.

Decided to have a walk at somewhere called Rice Lake, which is only a stone's throw from Linda's apartment.  We reached the outskirts of what looked like the right place and drove for quite some minutes over humps thinking, is this right ?  Well, it was. The car was parked and your intrepid do or die explorers took the path to the lake ...... wow.  So glad we did.  The sun was beating down but, because the trees were shading us, it was nice and cool, yet at the same time, the light was perfect for great photographic shots.  The sun and the lake provided superb reflections of the trees surrounding it.  Definitely a highlight of our trip ....... one of many during our stay in British Columbia.

Enjoying a supper in our favourite air conditioned bar, still clear blue sky and an oven waiting for us outside.

Thank you Linda, Lucy and Lionel

We want to thank Linda for being such a gracious hostess, for not strangling Simon when he was at his most pedantic and putting up with his foibles !  It was lovely to have a home from home to come back to every day and at the end of our trips.  We would also like to thank the feline members of her family, Lucy and Lionel, for allowing us to interrupt their routine and take over their sofa.  A perfect introduction to life in Canada.

We have really enjoyed Linda's company and her enthusiasm to make sure we saw the whole of Vancouver in the time we were here.  The fact we want to come back to see more, is testament to her ability as a tour guide.  Hope we have not worn her out totally !

Sue and Simon xx

Onward from Vancouver (1st July)

Another hot, sweltering day in north western Canada.  It's Canada Day and the streets are full of people celebrating their nation, and bizarrely, everyone from every other nation is celebrating with them !  

Having been dropped off at our downtown hotel by Linda, we had set off exploring the central part of the city.  As part of our package we had a pass to The Lookout, which is located on a tall building with an observation deck 500 odd foot above street level.  The lift reaches its destination in no time at all and we walked round the deck, giving us a spectacular 360 degree view. Stanley Park, which we didn't get a chance to cycle around, North Vancouver, the various football stadium - football as in soccer -, the main Olympic Stadium, which now seems to be a music venue, the take off area for the seaplanes, mountains in the US ...... and many other, now familiar, places are seen from above and it becomes a little easier to see how the jigsaw fits into place.

One of the main roads, or certainly a couple of blocks of it, were pedestrianised for the festival day.  Street entertainers entertained the thousands of onlookers and we watched a pair of talented musicians busking, while we enjoyed a coffee sitting out on the street.  It was too hot to party, but some were trying most enthusiastically !

We watched the evening fireworks going on in the harbour from our hotel window ...... well between two tower blocks actually, but we saw the fireworks which went high enough !

Tomorrow we will be making an early start on The Rocky Mountaineer on our trip through the Rockies, with our first stop being Kamloops.  We are both looking forward to this part of our holiday.

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