genealogy of the Bird and Musgrove families
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Leslie Bird (1894 - 1969)

What do we know about Leslie ?

Leslie Bird was born in September 1894.  Unusual to have 11 years in between births. He lived until 1969.  Service medal card shows he was in France 5/9/1915.  Do we know any more ?  OWL HOUSE – explain (see postcards) ?



In March 1926, Henry Ross Bird, now of “Kenmore”, 36 Upper Avenue, Eastbourne dies aged 72 of “Cardiac Valvular Disease”.  His death is reported by Major P.H.Bird of “Byways”, 6 Willifield Way, N.W.11 in Hampstead Garden Suburb.  His Estate, according to his Will, was valued at £2,391 (£108,000 in today’s terms RPI).  Basically, he leaves the house and contents to his wife, Louisa, to live in for the rest of her life, but then after her death, very strangely, “to my son Leslie thus carrying out my promise of his 21st birthday.” Everything else is 50:50 between the two boys and both are Executors.  Why didn’t Percy get the value of half the property ? Had he already received a major gift during Henry’s lifetime ? He made this promise in 1915. Is that significant ?


The Will includes the phrase “… and Leslie Bird now living in Tunis … “



Henry Ross Bird’s only brother was Georgie Bird, who was married to Nina.  In Nina's Will (1935), apart from leaving monies and property to her cousin / cousin's son, the next biggest gift was £25,000 (£1.3m) to Leslie Bird. Why didn't Percy get anything - not even a mention ? He was certainly alive and well at the time. (Percy became separated from Marjorie per deed dated December 1933, so Will may well have been drawn up after they separated and could be a reason Percy isn’t mentioned ?)

ELIZA ROSS (nee Bird) 1904

Eliza bequeathed 3 shops to Percy : 67, 69 & 70 Ridgway, Wimbledon (this seems to be what we now call Wimbledon Village).  9 Hillside, Ridgway.  Also residue to nieces & nephews, Percy & Leslie Bird AND George Henry Morris Saunders and Ella Margaret Saunders.  Whose children were they ?

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