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Will of Thomas Cole (about 1787 - 1839)

I have attempted a transcription of the Will ..... not completed. This Thomas was born about 1787 and is possibly the son of the gentleman in the mystery painting.


This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Cole of Wharf Road, City Road in the County of Middlesex. Carrier. I hereby appoint my dear wife Sarah Cole, my partner and friend William Batty of Wolverhampton in the County of Stafford Carrier and Thomas Bubywood of Highgate (?) South and Wharf Road as aforesaid Coach xx Halifix & Wilverriyat Executive Executors and Trustees of this my Will.

I do hereby direct that all my just debts, funeral expenses and the charge of proving this my will shall be fully paid & satisfied.

I give and bequeath unto my dear wife Sarah Cole all my household goods xxxx xxxxxx Simon Cole boots, wearing apparel, xxxx towels (?) china plate wine and liquers which shall be in or about my house in Wharf Road aforesaid or xxxx at this time of my decease. 
I also give & bequeath unto my said wife the sum of one thousand pounds to & for her own use & benefit, also an additional sum of fifty pounds paid for mourning and give to my dear daughters Mary, Sarah & Anne 50 each for mourning & bequeath all my ready monies, monies in the funds (?), monies xxx by policies of insurance and other securities for money bonds, chattels, credits and personal estate & effects whatsoever not hereinafter specifically xxx unto my said trustees there xxxx xxxx and xxx upon the trusts following that is to say upon trust as soon as xxxxally may be after my decease in the discretion in absolute authority of my said trustees or the survivor or survivors of their her or his xxxx or xxx to sell or dispose of or convert xxx into money such part of the said personal estate as shall not consist of money or xxx sureties for money to collect get in receive the xxx remaining parts of personal estate and I hereby empower my said trustees or trustee in xxx executor of xxx said trust to compound or allow such trust or xxx xxx security real or personal for the payment of any sum or sums of money which shall be owing to me at the time of my decease as I xxx xxx or bill shall be xxx xxx and also to who xxxx to arbitration or otherwise adjust my xxxx or such amount or amounts claims or xxx that may exist at the time of my decease or afterwards between myself and my estate my present or future partners any question or dispute which may arise in relation to any debt or debts which may be due or xxx to be due to or from me at the time of my decease and I so hereby xxx that such arbitration and adjustment shall be binding conclusive on all persons taking any benefit under this my will and I hereby xxx that all persons paying to my said trustees or xxx any xxx monies xxx to my estate and xxx her or his receipt for the same shall be xxxx xxxx from all responsibility in respect of the application xxx and it is my will.
And I xxx that my said trustees and the survivor or survivors of them her or his xxxx his xxx and xxx shall stand xxx of the monies to arise from my personal estate upon trust to lay out the same in xxx monies or xxx of my said Trustees or Trustee in or upon the public Stocks or xxx or other covenanted xxx or any xxx or xxx in England with full power from time to time as often as occasion shall require to pay or transfer as well the stocks # xxx or xxx which may at my decease form part of my said personal estate upon trust to pay the xxx xxx and annual xxx hereof as the same said xxx unto my said dear wife Sarah Cole or empower her to waver the same xxx xxx time as my said wife Sarah shall remain unmarried and from and after the xxx of my said wife or marriage the said Trust remaining stocks xxxx and xxxx shall remain xxx in trust for all xxx and present and future from Tailbrow? And Child his her and their executors and aforesaid xxx and for his her or their absolute use and benefit and if more than one in equal shares and xxx in xxx and I further bequeath that upon the xxx or marriage of my said wife and xxx said time the said children or any of them being a son or sons shall by the age of twenty one years or being a daughter or daughters shall be under the said age and unmarried the said trustee or Trustees or their survivors or survivor of xxx xxx or for xxx or xxx shall appropriate all or a part of the xxx interest and annual xxx of the xxx to xxx or xxx child or children shall for the time being be entitled under their trusts and provisions herein before xxx xxx for or towards his her or their maintenance or education or other xxx for his or her benefit and I xxx that the surplus xxx if any shall be accumulated xxx and added to the principal of said xxx or shares by xxx xxx and be subject to the same trusts and provisions and I do hereby further xxx that it shall lawful for the said Trustees or the survivors or survivor of them her or his xxx xxx and xxx at any time or times or from time to time being the widowhood of my said wife or their her or his discretion to raise and apply any part of the xxx or xxx to something the said child or children such for the time being shall be entitled under the trusts and provisions hereunder for xxx and xxx for his her or their procurement xxx benefit or settlement in xxx provided that xxx part shall not in xxx xxx xxx xxx sum of 500 provided always and I hereby xxx that if any of my said children shall depart this life xxx under their age of twenty one years or xxx the life or widowhood of my said wife leaving of this her or xxx body or bodies time or xxx surviving them and in every xxx or xxx xxx xxx shall xxx be entitled to their share or shares as will surviving and xxx as original to xxx their parent or xxx parents of xxx xxx would have been entitled of and trust monies stocks xxx and sureties if he shall or they had been living at the time of her decease or marriage of my said wife in equal shares as xxx in xxx if more than one xxx share or shares to vest in xxx xxx respectively as being a son or sons, grandson or grandsons shall attain the age of twenty one years or being a daughter or daughters granddaughter or granddaughters shall attain that age or marry and it shall be lawful for my said trustees or trustee to apply all or any part of the vested or presumptive xxx or xxxx of said child or children for his her or their maintenance or education or xxx for his her or their benefit during xxx xxx period of his her or their minority or xxx xxx xxx or xxx

.......... continues

24th February 1840

Linked toThomas Cole; Sarah Jones

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